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Date Posted: Jan 16, 2012 Ad Expires: Feb 15, 2012

The lid on this beauty says it is a cremonaphone and was made in Amherst, Nova Scotia by Amherst Pianos Ltd and it was their Trade Mark.

Comes with a tin of needles in a T. Eaton Company tin and two records one is labelled Thomas Edison.

The Cremonaphone - Phonograph Model "C" works like a gramaphone. The speaker is built into the unit in the front and by opening the door allows the sound to be released. It is a beautiful piece of Canadian history.

Some history on the Cremonaphone (aka Gramaphone / Phonograph was deemed a talking machine)

Mr. J. A. McDonald was owner of the Amherst Piano Co. Ltd. and given J A McDonalds experience with his music outlets it is no surprise that the company would try to capitalize on the emerging gramophone market. McDonald was certainly aware of the popularity of these new machines with his stores being Victor dealers.
I have yet to find any press ads for these machines and am not entirely sure when they were first produced by the company. It seems that the gramaphones were first made at the piano factory and when output grew a new facility was opened to cope with their assembly. In December of 1919 The Maple leaf hotel in the town of Amherst was purchased by Amherst pianos and was refitted to handle production of the Cremonaphone Talking machine. In 1919 the company apparently sold 250 of these new gramophones to the growing market. The cremonaphone was announced in the Amherst Daily news April 14, 1917 and was referred to as the “talking machine.”

I also have a few pages that has the history of the Cremonaphone and the company that made them that is included with this lovely piece.
copy and paste the above link to see a cremonaphone....sorry the owner of the video did not include sound.

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